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Enterprise architecture is the smart way for organizations to solve complex problems and gain competitive advantage. We help our clients develop an in-house capability or we deliver architecture that realizes their strategy.

We believe you can stay ahead of the curve
There are solutions to your complex problems
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Leading your EA team to success

Too many Enterprise Architecture teams fail - they miss the mark, squander their chance and are shut down. Other Enterprise Architecture teams are World-Class. EA teams enable moving from good to great, enabling strategy, and empower excellence.

This is a big, bold claim.

Enough doers are making these changes happen right now that clear guidance based on continued success is possible. Over the past few years, we have been synthesizing Conexiam's experience in a consistent practice.  Today, with the Open Group, we published the latest World Class EA White Paper, "A Leader’s Approach to Establishing and Evolving an EA Capability" available from The Open Group.

The "Leader's Guide" is the first time Conexiam has published our approach and guidance. We consolidated our experience establishing & enhancing EA teams around the world and tested the practices with colleagues at the Open Group. The paper identifies best practices you should adopt to stand-up, strengthen & sustain your EA Capability. We look forward to future publications on Conexiam's best practices.

Highlights of the paper include:

  • Unambiguous guidance that there is not a single context-free approach to succeeding with an EA Capability.
  • Real-world example of exercising TOGAF's ADM
  • The lack of clear objectives being the biggest contributor to failure for EA Capability

Conexiam has established and enhanced EA Capability focused on strategy, portfolio, and project, embedded in an IT organization, reporting to organizational change Leaders to support specific transformation projects and to provide focused continuous change. This experience highlights there is no one right EA Capability model. This paper was written to guide an EA Leader to identify the approach appropriate to your Enterprise. Appropriate to your context. Appropriate to your purpose. We cannot overstate the importance of aligning to your Enterprise’s context and purpose. In our experience, anyone who suggests there is a single correct approach is dead wrong, even though they create consulting opportunities to re-boot a soon-to-fail EA Capability.

The guide is available from The Open Group book store.

"Integrating Risk and Security within a TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture" Published

Integrating Risk and Security within a TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture
Integrating Risk and Security

We all struggle with Risk & Security

Effective integration of security and risk into our Enterprise Architecture practice eludes too many of us. Over the past couple of years, we have been working with colleagues in the Open Group and the SABSA Institute to address this space. Today they published "Integrating Risk and Security within a TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture".

This work guides security practitioners and Enterprise Architects to develop a best-practice Enterprise Architecture. The guide shows how Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Security Architecture relate to each other, highlighting the core security and risk concepts used in Information Security Management and Enterprise Risk Management.

We have identified the established best practices you should adopt. How security practitioners and enterprise architects need to work together to develop a best-practice Enterprise Architecture.

The guide shows how Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Security Architecture relate to each other, highlighting the core security and risk concepts used in Information Security Management and Enterprise Risk Management.

The guide is available from The SABSA Institute and The Open Group.

The practice of enterprise architecture risk and security are one of the most interesting and complex problems to address. Our next publication in this space will be the result of a research project into architectecting for Anti-Fragility.

Hope you enjoy the guide.

Conexiam selected by CIOReview for 20 most Promising Enterprise Architecture Providers for 2015

CIOReview has chosen Conexiam for its 20 most Promising Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers for 2015.

In the last few months CIOReview’s editorial research team has analyzed over 300 companies providing Enterprise Architecture providers for various industries.   Conexiam was chosen based on merit.

In the issue  the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers is being  profiled in the Special Edition of CIOReview magazine. The company profile provides in-depth perspective about the company's product offerings, strengths and unique proposition to customers worldwide.

Here is a copy of our review article:Conexiam one of 20 most Promising Enterprise Architecture Providers by CIOReview

24 Hours of SABSA 2016

So far SABSAWorld, and the SABSA Community have helped coordinate meetings in 20 cities, across 11 different countries! This year for 24 Hours of SABSA we will have meetings on January 21st, 2016. In this 3rd year, we are excited to build on the existing networks and relationships and continue encouraging growth in the SABSA community. We hope you will participate in your community and help make this a success!

24 Hours of SABSA is an initiative of The SABSA Institute that is meant to build local communities of SABSA practitioners, while at the same time reinforcing our global connection. This initiative is volunteer led, and relies on members of the community to step up and participate in a local meeting, or if none exists, to help coordinate one.  Events can be formal or informal depending on local interest, although they should promote the COSAC spirit. Some groups may just meet for an informal happy hour, while others may wish to coordinate discussion topics or presentations. For this meeting we will have a shared topic which all groups will discuss and give feedback to the institute.

What will you get out of it?

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to local SABSA subject matter experts
  • Participate in building a knowledgebase for the SABSA community
  • Find Friends you have not met yet

Conexiam is sponsoring a 24 Hours of SABSA event in Edmonton, Canada

Please contact jill.mclean(at)conexiam.com for event details.

Enterprise Architecture & Sustainability

At the February Open Group conference Conexiam's Ed Harrington & KPN's Stuart Boardman will present on Enterprise Architecture & Sustainability.

Sustainability is not just about carbon footprint and it's certainly not just about that nice CSR badge on your website. It's a basic concern of every enterprise, starting with the question of how sustainable the enterprise itself is. Wikipedia describes “sustainability” as “the capacity of a system to endure and remain functional and productive over time”. Will your Enterprise, your Extended Enterprise be able to adjust to an increasing rate and scale of change and still “remain functional and productive”, achieve its purpose - retain its identity? Can it take a knock and bounce back again (repeatedly)? These are concerns every enterprise architect should be addressing.

But no enterprise is an island and, in the steadily diverser value chains in which most enterprises operate, the sustainability  (environmental, social and economic) of the wider world becomes a pre-requisite for that of the enterprise itself. So that needs to be a concern for enterprise architects. Dealing with a multiplicity of stakeholders, complexity of causes and effects and with uncertainty around every decision, requires systems thinking. That's a skill good EA's bring to the table. But it's in the science around sustainability that systems thinking has become most advanced, so there's much we can learn from that field too, use in our enterprises and contribute back to the world.

In this presentation, we'll go into the arguments more deeply and look at some of the thinking that has emerged out of the sustainability movement (and before that from the field of cybernetics). We'll show how this should be applied to EA. But more than anything else, we want to engage the audience in an ongoing dialogue, which will help us all to find ways to make a difference, because "theory is gray my friend but green is the tree of life".

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the relationship between Enterprise Architecture and Sustainability.
  • Learn why the Enterprise Architect needs to consider Sustainability as a core element of their “To-Be” Architectures.
  • Learn how YOU can participate in a continuing conversation on Sustainability.

Presentation is on Wednesday February 4th at 2 PM

Conexiam releases Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

In the Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Conexiam’s team leads our clients through an exploration of the stakeholders, stakeholder concerns, requirements and surrounding business motivation and context acting upon a current project.

This workshop is configured to every client - either using an actual challenge or a case study. In addition to exploring a challenge at hand, workshop participants learn a set of techniques and skills to perform effective stakeholder engagement. Many of the central skills are classic soft skills

  • Stakeholder map
  • Business Motivation model
  • Alignment model
  • Effective communication

Conexiam on Slideshare!

Conexiam is now on slideshare! Visit us at www.slideshare.net/Conexiam

Conexiam will be making available presentations from conferences and architecture meets in order to expand the world of Enterprise Architecture, and to increase customer knowledge about their business.

Conexiam Releases EA Capability Workshop

Conexiam's EA Capability Workshop is designed to identify the purpose, objectives and organizational model of a successful EA team and rapidly identify a roadmap to achieving an EA team that meets the needs, structure and objectives of the organization.

To deliver this set of workshops Conexiam extensively utilizes its Navigate TM and PilotTM toolkits with TOGAF®providing a framework.

For more information

Conexiam's TOGAF 9.1 Certification Video Course

With Conexiam, becoming a skilled EA practitioner is now as stress-free as turning on your computer. Conexiam offers video training for TOGAF® 9.1 Certification hosted by Dave Hornford, Chair of the Open Group Architecture Forum. Top grade training for when you have the time.

We believe the ability to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain TOGAF® 9.1 Certification at your pace, on your schedule without compromising on course materials and instruction is critical for effective distance education.

With Conexiam's self-study TOGAF® 9.1 Certification course proceed at your own pace knowing you are fully supported.

The regular price of the course is $275 plus the cost of the exam vouchers

Click on this link to order your TOGAF® 9.1 Certification self-study video: www.conexiam.com/the_video

Training Course Schedule and Discounts

Conexiam continues to update our public courses and adapt our course schedule.

We offer standard discounts of:

  • 10% to members of The Open Group: Discount Code TOG
  • 15% for 3 or more students on one order: Discount Code GROUP

No discounts are applicable on our self-study TOGAF, the video training package

We also have a series of discounts set-up for our corporate customers. To arrange a scheduled discount for your organization or to schedule private training, please direct inquiries to [email protected]

Welcome to Conexiam

Dave Hornford, Conexiam Managing Partner

Enterprise architecture is a challenging field. Spending on EA has doubled in the last four years, but the average lifespan of an EA team is less than two years. Two factors ensure the success of EA in an organization: quality EA consulting and top-shelf, practical EA training. Conexiam offers both.

Need an EA roadmap that solves your complex business problems and executes your business strategy?

Conexiam’s methodology, Navigate, is a real-world customization of TOGAF®, the industry standard for enterprise transformation. Navigate works. As intended. Every time. It’s a proven toolkit designed to help business leaders build key capabilities and make sound investment decisions. With Navigate, our clients’ businesses survive and thrive.

Want to cultivate your company’s in-house EA capability?

Our courses can help your EA team achieve peak performance because our instructors are also successful EA practitioners. Conexiam’s training programs help enterprise architects build roadmaps to greater business efficiency, agility and competitive advantage. We license Navigate to anyone who takes our EA with TOGAF & Navigate or EA with TOGAF & Navigate using ABACUS course. Conexiam’s full suite of training products helps EA practitioners at every level enhance their skills.

Want to improve your productivity in the workplace and harness your leadership potential?

In January, we’ll be launching our online TOGAF 9.1 certification course that includes online lectures, a workbook and a voucher to complete the certification exam whenever you’re ready. We take our course participants beyond TOGAF certification, giving them the real-world case study experience and practical tools they need to be skilled enterprise architects in any business environment.

Check out our courses offerings or contact us if you’d prefer we built the roadmap for you.

We look forward to serving you.

Dave Hornford, Managing Partner

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Video greeting from Dave Hornford

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