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Enterprise architecture is the smart way for organizations to solve complex problems and gain competitive advantage. We help our clients develop an in-house capability or we deliver architecture that realizes their strategy.

We believe you can stay ahead of the curve
There are solutions to your complex problems
You can make your business better

Conexiam releases Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

In the Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Conexiam’s team leads our clients through an exploration of the stakeholders, stakeholder concerns, requirements and surrounding business motivation and context acting upon a current project.

This workshop is configured to every client - either using an actual challenge or a case study. In addition to exploring a challenge at hand, workshop participants learn a set of techniques and skills to perform effective stakeholder engagement. Many of the central skills are classic soft skills

  • Stakeholder map
  • Business Motivation model
  • Alignment model
  • Effective communication

Conexiam on Slideshare!

Conexiam is now on slideshare! Visit us at www.slideshare.net/Conexiam

Conexiam will be making available presentations from conferences and architecture meets in order to expand the world of Enterprise Architecture, and to increase customer knowledge about their business.

Conexiam Releases EA Capability Workshop

Conexiam's EA Capability Workshop is designed to identify the purpose, objectives and organizational model of a successful EA team and rapidly identify a roadmap to achieving an EA team that meets the needs, structure and objectives of the organization.

To deliver this set of workshops Conexiam extensively utilizes its Navigate TM and PilotTM toolkits with TOGAF®providing a framework.

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Conexiam's TOGAF 9.1 Certification Video Course

With Conexiam, becoming a skilled EA practitioner is now as stress-free as turning on your computer. Conexiam offers video training for TOGAF® 9.1 Certification hosted by Dave Hornford, Chair of the Open Group Architecture Forum. Top grade training for when you have the time.

We believe the ability to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain TOGAF® 9.1 Certification at your pace, on your schedule without compromising on course materials and instruction is critical for effective distance education.

With Conexiam's self-study TOGAF® 9.1 Certification course proceed at your own pace knowing you are fully supported.

The regular price of the course is $275 plus the cost of the exam vouchers

Click on this link to order your TOGAF® 9.1 Certification self-study video: www.conexiam.com/the_video

Training Course Schedule and Discounts

Conexiam continues to update our public courses and adapt our course schedule.

We offer standard discounts of:

  • 10% to members of The Open Group: Discount Code TOG
  • 15% for 3 or more students on one order: Discount Code GROUP

No discounts are applicable on our self-study TOGAF, the video training package

We also have a series of discounts set-up for our corporate customers. To arrange a scheduled discount for your organization or to schedule private training, please direct inquiries to [email protected]

Welcome to Conexiam

Dave Hornford, Conexiam Managing Partner

Enterprise architecture is a challenging field. Spending on EA has doubled in the last four years, but the average lifespan of an EA team is less than two years. Two factors ensure the success of EA in an organization: quality EA consulting and top-shelf, practical EA training. Conexiam offers both.

Need an EA roadmap that solves your complex business problems and executes your business strategy?

Conexiam’s methodology, Navigate, is a real-world customization of TOGAF®, the industry standard for enterprise transformation. Navigate works. As intended. Every time. It’s a proven toolkit designed to help business leaders build key capabilities and make sound investment decisions. With Navigate, our clients’ businesses survive and thrive.

Want to cultivate your company’s in-house EA capability?

Our courses can help your EA team achieve peak performance because our instructors are also successful EA practitioners. Conexiam’s training programs help enterprise architects build roadmaps to greater business efficiency, agility and competitive advantage. We license Navigate to anyone who takes our EA with TOGAF & Navigate or EA with TOGAF & Navigate using ABACUS course. Conexiam’s full suite of training products helps EA practitioners at every level enhance their skills.

Want to improve your productivity in the workplace and harness your leadership potential?

In January, we’ll be launching our online TOGAF 9.1 certification course that includes online lectures, a workbook and a voucher to complete the certification exam whenever you’re ready. We take our course participants beyond TOGAF certification, giving them the real-world case study experience and practical tools they need to be skilled enterprise architects in any business environment.

Check out our courses offerings or contact us if you’d prefer we built the roadmap for you.

We look forward to serving you.

Dave Hornford, Managing Partner

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Video greeting from Dave Hornford

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Conexiam is an industry leader and expert in Enterprise Architecture consulting and training, we value our customers and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

For any training related questions training(at)conexiam.com, including questions concerning TOGAF, The Video self study.

For questions relating to Conexiam's consulting service or capability sales(at)conexiam.com.

Conexiam is committed to our clients.